Downsizing For Home Owners February 15, 2016

(My Favorite) 3 Reasons Baby Boomers Should Consider Downsizing


     Even though technically I am not a “Baby Boomer” more like an advanced Gen-X empty nester.. I find myself in this fascinating middle world full of fear, joy, excitement, and even anxiety at times. My 21 year old daughter has informed me that she is actually going to really move out this spring so my brain has been going back to all of the clients I have worked with over the years that have gone through this exact stage in life, and have thrived!

Here I am going to share my top 3 reasons I think Baby Boomers and us advanced Gen X’ers should consider downsizing as our children decide to devolope a world outside of us. 


  • Reduced Monthly Expenses

Need I say more!!!  Hello!! Now you are free to walk around your home without flipping light switches off all day!!  So with that being said, a smaller house would equal a smaller mortgage too! Meaning you may have less taxes and insurance may be reduced! In general upkeep and maintenance should be more affordable and that means less money bleeding from your pockets. Condo or townhouse anyone?

  • Lifestyle Upgrade

I find that I have a whole lot of time to myself now that my favorite girl is practically self-sufficient. In the process of downsizing, you have the opportunity to move closer or relocate altogether to all of the new and different lifestyle amenities you will want to enjoy.

Is it theater, pottery, hiking, swing and salsa dancing? Cultural activities within walking distance? Kayaking? For Pete’s sake the options are really limitless at this point and this is when it starts getting a little more exciting. And remember, once you have those reduced monthly expenses you will have cash left over to enjoy whatever it is you decided to do in your free time.

  • More Life. Less Stuff.

As you simplify your home, you will begin to simplify your life. Edit your possessions!!! Create a lifestyle that functions better and is easier to maintain. There is something intangible / liberating about downsizing and getting rid of “stuff”. I can say that I strongly dislike “stuff” now days.

This is something I have already started putting into place and have become so good at it that my daughter freaks out thinking that there will be nothing for her to take when she does leave! She is so cute. As I replace old and useless items I look for additional one or two things to also donate at the same time. I should probably plan to write a blog about being a minimalist, great idea thanks!


At the end of the day this list could actually go on and on, but what I think is most important is to begin to allow yourself to visualize this next phase. What will your next level of happiness feel like? Know that it will be contagious and your kids will love every moment of it.